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License Application Options

You may obtain a license application form by contacting the Racing Commission office at 402-471-4155  or print and mail the license application form below.

Get your Nebraska Racing Commission License Application Form

If you are applying to the Nebraska Racing Commission for the first time; or, if the Commission does not have a current digitized photo, you will need to stop by our licensing office when you come to the track to get a license badge that will allow you access to restricted areas.

Apply for a National Racing License
OWNERS, TRAINERS, AND JOCKEYS may apply for a National Racing License.  This license is issued by the National Racing License Compact, which now includes thirteen states including Nebraska, and is honored in 12 additional jurisdictions. (** See list below for participating jurisdictions)  This is a three-year license priced at $225.  While states may also require payment of fees, those fees have been waived in Nebraska.

The National Racing License is recognized in 25 jurisdictions:


Compact Members  Participation Jurisdictions* Thoroughbred.JPG
Arizona   Arkansas
California   Colorado
Delaware   Illinois
Florida   Indiana
Kentucky   Iowa
Louisiana   Michigan
Maryland   Oklahoma
Nebraska   Ohio
New Jersey   Ontario
New York   Pennsylvania
Virginia   Texas
Washington   Wyoming
West Virginia  


          * Participates but issues its own state license pending adoption of legislation to join the Compact