Nebraska Fingerprint Requirements and Reciprocity

Nebraska statutes require submission of fingerprints and a criminal records check for most categories of applications. Applicants who have provided fingerprints in other racing jurisdictions that complete an FBI criminal history check when they issue a license may not be required to provide fingerprints in Nebraska.

For reciprocity consideration, an applicant must provide proof of fingerprinting during the current or the five prior calendar years.

1. This may be done presenting or by providing a copy of a license badge issued that shows the date or year fingerprints were done within that jurisdiction.  


2. A letter or affidavit signed by a representative of another jurisdiction.

It is YOUR responsibility to provide PROOF of being fingerprinted in the previous five years or the current year. The Nebraska Racing Commission will NOT contact other jurisdictions for you to verify that you were fingerprinted.

Nebraska also participates in the Multi-Jurisdiction fingerprinting program operated by the Association of Racing Commissioners International (RCI). An applicant may through this program submit a fingerprint card and have the criminal record information reported directly by the FBI to all participating jurisdictions where the applicant may be licensed.

Fingerprint cards and fingerprinting can be obtained from the Nebraska Racing Commission. Please contact the Licensing Office at 402-471-4155 or the “Track” location where we are currently racing

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